Humanistische Jongeren Leopoldsburg


Deze activiteit wordt georganiseerd voor:
HJ 3-6 Jong Humania Humania Plug-In

We would like to welcome you to our very first party at the Plug-In in Leopoldsburg. Beer, love and a boatload full of inappropriate behaviour will be present.

Auwguerke: local ska-band that will loosen up your hips. Supported by the cheapest beer in Belgium: Cara.

Our Hate: this hardcore metal band from De Kempen will play their latest album "Hate will prevail". On stage, the band promises a bombshell in your ears by playing their music hard and intensive.

The All Star Wedding Band: the coverband of the worlds best coverband "Me First And The Gimme Gimmes" will play all your guilty pleasure songs.

Zero Zero: Jeans On, Shirt Off. Zero Zero brings you a raw, simple and energetic punk rock show that will make everyone want to dance, fight then fuck.

Drinks available: Fako, Mexicaner, Belgian beers. There will also be a Turbo themed food stand.